Soufflenheim drilling completed


MOORE Energy's partly owned subsidiary Millennium Geo-Venture SAS (MGV) is the co-owner with Geopetrol SA of the Soufflenheim exploration license in Alsace.

With reference to the tophole section of the well SFH-1 drilled in March this year the bottom hole section was drilled to the target depth of 552 m. A comprehensive logging suite was acquired by Schlumberger and confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons in the Tertiary Glaswinkel and Beinheim formations. In addition, borehole seismic data was acquired using Schlumberger’s Versatile Seismic Imager (VSI) Tool together with their latest PAT technology. The hole is now being cased off and prepared for production testing.

The data gathering well SFH-1 is the first oil well drilled in the area for 15 years. The objective of the well is to allow the license holders to better evaluate the remaining potential of the Soufflenheim Field which previously produced 460,000 barrels of oil from 1954-1968.

MGV is the operator and holds 55% working interest in the Soufflenheim license in partnership with Geopetrol. MOORE Energy is a Norwegian oil and gas exploration and production company with focus on conventional resources in France.